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Nike Football FC247 Collection 2013-12-08 23:04:33 product exposure pictures recently exposed Nike Football FC247 network Collection some products listed, three pairs of different color different configurations of shoes products, love football friends can look at the Nike Football FC247 Collection.The Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS "Citrus", which makes everyone excited, is finally going to be on sale this week! The overall use of white shoes, orange color big bottom presentation, much lo cheap foamposites ved by girls, but its sale size to US9.5, but also to meet the needs of some boys sneaker, the shoes are extremely suitable for summer wear. It is reported that the shoes will be fully sold on June 20, like friends can not miss it! on the afternoon of April 19th, a seminar on "environmental shoe material technology" was held in Shoe Expo shoe material exhibition area. At the meeting, the relevant staff from Freudenberg company, Rogers Corp, Italy tecnogi Jasmine company came to cheap jordan shoes for men the scene, the international transport of auxiliary materials for environmental protection shoes are introduced. it is understood that the above three companies are world-renowned shoe material supplier, has long been Nike, Adidas and other world brands to provide raw materials. "Due to the financial crisis last year, these international shoe enterprises have shrunk by more than 40%, and they are in urgent need of finding new markets. At this time, China's first-line brands Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping have become the target of these international enterprises." As the international shoe material trader, Quanzhou morning Xu shoes material deputy general manager Lai Hongbin said. "relatively speaking, the cost of environmentally friendly materials is higher than that of ordinary materials.". However, the financial crisis has given Quanzhou shoe enterprises a chance to negotiate space. Before these international suppliers could reach 40% profit, we are now asking them to reduc Retro jordans for sale e their profit to 10%. As a result, the price of international environmental protection shoes material and ordinary shoes material price difference, about a pair of shoes also about 2 yuan, and the use of environmental protection materials, finished shoes in price can be higher than ordinary shoes nearly 10 yuan." Lai Hongbin said that the use of environmentally friendly materials can greatly increase the added value of products. it is understood that many first-line brands i cheap jordans for sale mens n Quanzhou have more or less with these international shoe supplier cooperation. At the same time, Quanzhou shoe material enterprises in the product development also began to pay attention to environmental protection elements. As a more well-known leather enterprises in Quanzhou, Societe Generale leather sales Cai Chonglian also said that the development of environmentally friendly products will become the enterprise's next important direction of development. (Editor: admin)Chinese L Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ight Industry Association said the vice president and the Secretary General Wang Shicheng 28, held in Shanghai "Kangnai internationalization strategy and Chinese business opportunities and challenges forum", with the rise of China economic development, labor costs, the world's footwear industry center appeared to cheaper countries transfer trend, therefore, China footwear manufacturing the need to implement brand development strategy as soon as possible, enhance the comprehensive comp Cheap air jordans for sale etitiveness, in order to cope with the challenges of industrial transfer. Wang Shicheng said that the focus of the world footwear industry had shifted from Italy and Spain to Japan, Korea, and then to mainland china. At present, China is the world's largest shoe-making center, China's footwear industry in recent years, an average annual growth rate of 23%. According to conservative estimates, at present, China has 2 shoe-making enterprises, the annual output of more than 7 billion pai Retro jordans for sale rs, accounting for more than 60% of the global total output, exports accounted for more than 53% of global exports. But with China's rapid economic development and rising labor costs, the focus of the global footwear industry has shifted to Vietnam, India, Pakistan and other countries with relatively low labor costs. The statistical data provided by the Chinese Leather Association, the first half of this year, China's footwear import and export of goods still maintain growth, but expo cheap jordans online rt growth dropped significantly, the leather shoes exported 670 million pairs, down 1.7%, the first decline in recent years. How to maintain its own advantages after the transfer of the industrial center of gravity has become a major challenge for China's footwear industry. Wang Shicheng believes that at present, China's manufacturing footwear products are OEM based, mainly to low-grade shoes, the profits are quite meager, not to mention the international competitiveness. "In this res cheap jordans for sale pect, we should draw on and learn from the experiences and lessons of Italy and South korea." He said that Italy is now not in the number of shoes, but because of its continuous commitment to industrial upgrading and brand building, its excellent shoe-making technology and brand still occupy the world high-end. South Korea is the opposite, in 80s, South Korea is also one of the world shoemaking center, but has been satisfied with the OEM, wait until the loss of industrial advantages, South Korea still did not create any internationally known brands. Therefore, "China's footwear industry should speed up the pace of industrial restructuring, the implementation of brand development strategy, and strive for" OEM "to" licensing "direction. Only to create their own brand in the international arena, we construct the network, reflects our global influence, our footwear industry in order to maintain the sustainable development, it will not be affected by the transfer of the global footwear industry focus." 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