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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network] April 18, the fifth round of Super League, Dalian Shide against Zhejiang Lucheng. The first 83 minutes, to a record after volley to seal the victory Shide foreign aid Ahn Jung-hwan scored excited, curved his arms flying in the game, Adidas jersey top left corner flag in front of the camera looming. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, this phenomenon is likely in the next 10 years are difficult to reproduce the. Adidas rival Nike and the Chinese Football Association has signed a 10-year sponsorship contract, who won all the uniform dress code in the next 10 years the Super League teams, including the league with the ball and the referee, match officials, etc. Clothing. Just because Dalian Shide and Beijing Guoan both teams had a contract with Adidas expires before the end of 2009, so this year's Super League, who also wore Adidas shirts Ahn campaign. "A company has to sponsor a league win, it seems no precedent in the world." Beijing Guoan Yang Nike generous fans in China is somewhat unexpected. And the fans do not know Xiao Yang, this is not the only big Nike in China this year. In February, Nike in Jiangsu Province began construction of its largest logistics center in Asia - Nike China Logistics Center; March, announced the closure of four plants, Retro jordans for sale including mainland China has only one wholly-owned footwear production plant; and Nike's channels have begun a new round of reshuffle. Insiders told reporters, some small dealers because of poor business, Nike began to sell the business to focus on large-scale dealers. Nike is to clarify the Chinese business, the reason behind is obviously more important in China will be its global footprint. March 18, Nike announced in the United States ended fiscal 2009 on February 29 in the third quarter report showed that Nike quarter sales of $ 4.4 billion, down 2%. Nike also announced in March 2009 to July, a total of $ 6.5 billion worldwide in orders compared with last year fell by 10%. However, the Asia-Pacific region, including China quarter revenue rose 8 percent to $ 806 million. Nike claims that in 2008, Nike's sales in China for the first time more than 1.1 billion US dollars, has become the largest market outside the United States. In this year's Nike global adjustment structure adjustment, the Nike Greater China, Asia-Pacific region independent from the original out, directly under the headquarters management. 2 ?? dollar "buy the dips" Super huge potential market induced Nike biggest advertising sponsorship in China - fully sponsored Super League. And this sponsorship will last for 10 years cheap jordans for sale . According to the company's agreement with the super Nike, Nike in the 2009 season will provide $ 15 million supplies all the equipment sponsored 2009 Super. Among them, each club will receive five million yuan in cash and equipment and not more than 1 million yuan (one exception is due to Dalian Shide and Beijing Guoan had a contract with Adidas expires before the end of 2009, so in this year's Super League on, the two teams still wearing Adidas jersey). Meanwhile, in the next 10 years, Nike will sponsor the annual fee rate of 10% annually. As a result, Nike's 10-year sponsorship of the total cost will be more than 200 million US dollars. It is understood that such a sponsorship is not only without precedent in the Chinese football league, rarely seen in European football. "Put down the whole league contract indeed rare. However, for Nike, which can be considered a good deal, 10 years two hundred million US dollars, very cheap, can be said to copy a bottom." There are people in the industry to present newspaper reporter said. 15% of sales revenue It is understood that 10% of the general sporting goods sports company sales will be used as marketing, but such as Nike attaches great importance to the brand image of the company will come up with. Nike's sales revenue in China last year, nearly 8 Cheap air jordan 12 ovo billion yuan of calculation, marketing costs, Nike in China throughout the year in about 1.2 billion. "$ 15 million account for about 10% of the promotion costs, it is quite reasonable." Chai Feng Nike China had worked before the sharp marketing consulting analyst, said the reporter. Analysis of the industry, despite the current Super League grand compared with 10 years ago, a lot has been in the doldrums, but football as a key sport categories, or sports products companies must not be overlooked an event. Lu Feng, general manager of Super says that Chinese football's most valued sponsors, is averaging 1.5 million people in the audience, and the annual total 144 million people in the television audience. "actually worth investing in Chinese assets are not many sports, football and basketball, whether from the highest participation in the Chinese market is still concern about the two sports. Nike has a very deep involvement in basketball, Nike hopes seeking to develop football in China is very natural. "Chai Feng said. Previously, the Adidas from the 1980s and the Chinese Football Association to establish a cooperative relationship between men and women at all levels of the national team's perennial all equipment manufacturers, so Nike dwarfs the competition, "China Team" of the project. Nike co Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping mpany, to take advantage of Chinese football to secure and expand market position in China, only to the league as a breakthrough. The league and a lot of rewards. Television transmission media exposure, good relations with various clubs of city marketing promotion platform, as well as with the Chinese Football Association formed thereon, are Nike, the "hunters" super returns. "Nike marketing considerations are very long-term, the cooperation with Super perhaps in the first 7-8 years will have a greater return." Chai Feng said. channels to support large, out of a small In the marketing campaign at the same time, Nike also stepped up channel change - big dealer support, eliminate small. It is understood that when Nike first entered the Chinese market, in order to snatch the market as soon as possible, the implementation of the multi-level agent system, a distributor located below the regional distributors. Currently, in addition to Belle, Baosheng two national distributors, the Shenyang Tengda Japanese, Shanghai Ruili sports, Guangzhou and Chengdu Tao Bo sports fresh wave sports are all in their respective regions formed a certain scale. There are dealers said the reporter, the current channel in the Nike philosophy, hope that every region has a few powerful distributors to compete but they c cheap jordan shoes for men an keep the brand image. But the result was caused by excessive competition in the market, but Nike's brand image is also subject to different degrees of damage. "Our profit last year, only two points," a dealer told reporters, "so in order to increase profits only scale." It is understood that in terms of purchase price and selling price, Nike has a strong the right to speak, so the dealer profits are generally low. Under normal circumstances, no more than 60 days of the new distributors can not discount more than 60 days of commodity dealers are free to discount, but not less than 7%. In such stringent conditions for cooperation, dealers seek to expand the scale of development in addition to outside is not much to do. Belle ????? Shenyang Branch Manager, said the reporter, small dealers financial strength is weak, backward preferential capacity, market capacity is limited, relatively tight in today's environment, the natural survival pressure. This pressure for dealers integration provides an opportunity. Last year, because of the Olympics, dealers generally getting goods more serious part of the dealer inventory. Among these, some small dealers in the capital chain there is a problem, difficult to re-enter the new goods, operating problems. There are facts to prove it. Previously, Beijin cheap jordans online g Maya sports on the acquisition of Beijing, a small Nike dealers - across the world sports. The latter is one of only five stores Nike agents. It is understood that, due to the size is too small, resulting in sales appears a little problem, Nike's money across the world will not on. And once again not on, will be caught in a vicious circle. Finally, under the coordination of Nike acquired by Maya sports. "This acquisition is quite successful. Stores across the world are good, and we only took over its personnel, props, a quarter of goods are not received, once the acquisition is relatively clean." Maya sports goods section Managers often stand these acquisitions satisfied. In Nike's mind, which perhaps is just the beginning. In channel integration, while Nike is also better serve the channel up and down the effort. In February, Nike announced plans to invest $ 099 million in Taicang Economic Development Zone investment in building Nike China Logistics Center. Currently, Nike is through third-party logistics, warehousing and leasing in Shanghai and Guangzhou implement the national logistics and distribution center. Nike logistics department on an insider told reporters: "Nike sales in China growing, the logistics requirements of course, also increasing investment in this logistics center is o Retro jordans for sale f course a natural thing. " It is understood that after the completion of the logistics center of the seat, the 15% reduction in delivery time. Close foundries In addition to increased advertising spending to stimulate sales, Nike also no less hard throttle. An obvious example is Nike's domestic factories have closed steps to reduce OEM costs. March 26, Nike is located in Zheng Road Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, 68, a foundry outside plastered notice to terminate the labor contract notice. Notices, said: "The Board of Directors resolves early dissolution of the company, all employees labor contract termination, the termination date of March 31, 2009." And this is the Nike factory in mainland China has only one wholly-owned footwear production plant . Then, Nike China spokesman Zhu nearly Qian confirmed: "Nike plans in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, is transferred from Winterthur Group Management footwear manufacturing business to Winterthur factory located in other parts of Asia, and will shut down its sole owner footwear production facility in Taicang plant. " It is understood that Nike was founded in 1996, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., nature of the company a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, and Taicang factory is established in that time, the total investment amounted to tens of mil cheap jordans for sale mens lions of dollars. But Nike bear only the cost of land and factories, the other by the Winterthur Group investment. Currently, Nike factories in China's share of global foundry refrain. As of last year, Nike foundry in China has 180, the total number of employees reached 200,000. However, more new production lines have been invested in Southeast Asia and other countries. Origin Nike product price tag on a column has more such words printed on the Vietnam, Indonesia. ?????? Winterthur Group spokesman said: "(against the dollar) appreciation of 2%, companies can also adjust up if it continues to appreciate, some of China's long-term order will be replaced by other regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia. " According to Chen told reporters, at present, Winterthur production in Vietnam account for about 50% of the Winterthur Group production, yield mainland is between 30% -32%. The decision to close the plant in Taicang dominated by Nike, Winterthur orders not affected in any way related orders only transferred to other parts of the plant only. However, not only is the transfer origin. "The orders have been focused on a large scale foundry, which is a trend in the future of Nike." Asia Footwear Association Secretary-General Li told reporters. Nike China also said in a statement: "In order to further pro cheap foamposites mote the integration of long-term procurement strategy and streamline the supply chain, Nike announced in 6-12 months later, no longer to the 640 contract factories in four factories and footwear Some clothing factory orders for new business. "And these four foundries contains a factory in Vietnam. There are people in the industry to the reporter, said:. "It is said that the future of Nike foundry business will increasingly focus on the former six foundries" for this argument, Nike has not responded. The biggest supplier Pou Chen Fang Mei Group spokesman said: "The current Baocheng no significant increase in orders, orders for Nike whether the future will concentrate Baocheng, we inconvenient for comment but Baocheng for orders. increase the likelihood is ready for. " In recent years, Nike shoes gradually to function, professional conversion, which requires factories have technologies, processes than the previous increase, corresponding suppliers will increase the threshold. Li told reporters analyzed, the global economic recession, European consumer market downturn on the occasion, Nike's business less quantitative, first-out nature is the lack of scale of small foundries. Therefore, Nike take this opportunity to sort out their factory is not surprising. China western shoes, in China Light Cheap air jordans for sale Industry Federation, the concern and support of China Leather Association and the Chongqing municipal government, for the integration of Chongqing and the footwear industry resources in the western region, improve the grade of shoe, the formation of industrial clusters, by the Bishan County People's Government and the AOKANG group teamed up to create the set of shoes production, trading, shoe boutique exhibition, warehousing logistics, quality inspection, information consulting, training, research and design, commercial facilities as one of the modern footwear industrial city. In December 2005, by the China Light Industry Federation, China Leather Association jointly awarded Chongqing Bishan as "China western shoes capital" honorary title. three stage construction of western shoe industrial park, a project which is 1600 acres, built in the project are: AOKANG production base in the western region (Chongqing Red Flamingo Shoe Company), western shoe trading city, Jindu footwear incubator, Park logistics center and other main items. The western shoes trading city introduced in 20 provinces and cities nationwide shoes, shoe dealers more than 400, annual trading volume of about 2000000000 yuan, the park was listed as the Chongqing City Industrial Park features. in May 2007, the two phase of the park started construction. From Brazil, Taiwan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chengdu and Chongqing nearly 50 shoe production and supporting enterprises, in the park more than 1000 acres of land, the construction of more than 70 square meters of standard production plant shoes. At the same time, is the construction of the project are: construction area of 30 thousand square meters, leather bags, leather shoes, leather in wholesale and retail, exhibition and sale as a whole, the largest China Western Leather City Chongqing area; the only national quality inspection center, 25 thousand square meters of leather shoe Market is the two phase of the project and the southwest region. Bishan County People's government planning more than 2000 acres of Industrial Park shoes are the three phase of the project has passed the evaluation of expert group, will be launched in the near future, focus on the introduction of international and domestic well-known brand, to become the most influential western leather shoes, leather bags, leather products and other areas of production and processing and export base. (Editor: admin)Christmas will soon sounded the clarion call, James led the Cavaliers to revenge against the Jinzhou warriors, the warriors Durant can regain a city? Let's wait and see! For this much anticipated event, each big manufacturer for its superstar to create special Christmas exclusive boots, but James's LeBron 14 until now still failed to show up, I do not know this will be a big surprise for Christmas? Or by LeBron Soldier 10 to class? Before the staged in the game this year, let us together again since 2003 the LeBron Christmas Special Edition boots! 2003-X-Bron-AZG.jpg (366.04 KB, download times: 31) download attachment LeBron James Christmas shoes, 2016-12-25 upload at 13:21 2003-X-Bron-AZG-1.jpg (170.62 KB, download times: 29) download attachment LeBron James Christmas shoes, 2016-12-25 upload at 13:21 2003-X-Bron-AZG-2.jpg (173.45 KB, download times: 28) download attachment LeBron James Christmas shoes, 2016-12-25 upload at 13:21 2008-X-Bron-AZG.jpg (108.3 KB, download times: 29) download attachment LeBron James Christmas shoes, 2016-12-25 upload at 13:22 2008-X-Bron-2.jpg (311.22 KB, download times: 29) download attachment LeBron James Christmas shoes, 2016-12-25 upload at 13:22 2008-X-Bron-1.jpg (258.22 KB, download times: 30) 〈0 the launch of Nike Nike in the previous Free Flyknit Chukka get a good response, they will use this type of shoes cortex above fashion, create a new Nike Free Chukka Leather, black, blue and pink three colors have been exposed on foot, a new shoes, so how do you feel? light will be the theme of Nike's running shoes in 2013. By seeing the Nike Free, Sock, Racer, and we saw this Nike Lunar Rift Racer "Atomic Teal" new product today, this is a good example of this theme. This shoe body with similar loose mesh material mainly green shoe body, at the same time, black suede shoes and stable material wrapped middle heel, white Lunarlon cushioning sole brings fresh feeling at the same time also brought strong buffer performance. It is expected that more color will be available next year. before available for sale to the end "infra red", "fluorescent yellow", "cool ash" three color, had two kind of exposure to this sock dart All-Red pure red color also re released real; the Nike array with rendering the red shoes, even the Velcro is no exception, only decorated with Black Mini Swoosh; but shoe body and Fujiwara no joint production of signs; release details please attention when customer follow-up report. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: Hichem.OG

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