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Foamposite one "blue mirror," blue mirror surface spraying to come, it will be sprayed with the following series of FoamPosite before after again offer a dazzling show, the color of the earlier have been repeatedly release physical details and on the foot diagram, overwhelmed by the stage again more available infor cheap jordan shoes for men mation release, according to noted, is tentatively scheduled for December 31, is taken to the threshing ground as the annual finale styles, No. 575420-008. source: soleudecideNike Lebron 10 very luxury red / gold / black color new color exposure 2013-12-08 22:35:08 Nike Lebron 10 is really waves, just finished to i Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ntroduce "Dunkman" color of Lebron After 10, we have to bring you the latest in the color of a Lebron 10. The red / gold / black color and Lebron 9 championship outfits of a color very similar, but the details have not yet informed us of this color, maybe Christmas color or just a normal color it away Miami, but as Retro jordans for sale the road color, is not too extravagant a point? Marvin the Martian "color air jordan 7 city sell a week later will have a tonal detail is quite similar to the GS exclusive color on the shelves. Similar to the details of Jordan Air 7 the Martian''Marvin design, the shoe body is white as the main color, the details cheap foamposites with black, red and green infrared is expected to be available on sale in March 14th. number: 705417-138 release date: March 14th when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeC Retro jordans for sale hat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: soledead fly, is dead to fly?" This is the CCTV commentator Bai Yansong in a news release, evaluation of this special bicycle. For most people, "dead fly" maybe a strange noun. It is the real na Cheap air jordan 12 ovo me for the Fixed Gear, which is a fixed gear bicycle. And Track Bike (cycling) is the same bike, but riding in the stadium does not limit the area. Ordinary bicycle flywheel is alive, but dead fly flywheel is fixed, so called "dead fly". On the web, people stop stop, no brakes, no gear, all on foot to control the o cheap jordans online peration of the flywheel. Dead fly originally from express workers in New York, the rise of fast cycling culture. Later in the popular Japanese Harajuku, began to rapidly in the world spread, as representative of the street culture. There is a classical form of gambling venues bicycle race in Japan, known as the "c cheap jordans for sale mens ompetition round", in Chinese is called "dead fly" and "tooth" or "Terrier teeth". At present, China's major cities have tens of thousands of "dead fly" enthusiasts. objectively speaking, due to the death of a flying bike than other reasons, such as light, the same person riding a dead fly will be faster than the s Cheap air jordans for sale peed of other bicycles. Plus there is no traditional bike brakes, the car looks very dangerous to people. Especially when a at Fujian students riding "dead fly" is a private car killed news made a stir in the network about the dead fly safety once again sparked heated debate. but in the dead fly fans Chen Junhan ey cheap jordans for sale es, this is completely layman misunderstanding. " die flying " not dead all want to fly. This noun is relative to the normal bicycle, a normal bicycle rear wheel is activity, generally called & quot; living fly & quot; and the rear wheel of the bicycle is fixed dead, also called solid bicycle gear, so people called & quot; dead fly & quot;. From Chengdu Chun Han Chen not only their own play dead fly, also opened a main dead fly bicycle garage, two years, he has sold more than 1000 units of the "dead fly bikes. "The traffic accident is we first heard of riding & quot; dead fly & quot; are killed, but also useful other bike or other means of transportation is killed." According to Chun Han Chen introduction, Chengdu weekly, part of a dead fly bike enthusiasts will organized cycling events, with racing mainly. however, according to the provisions of the relevant traffic Act, brakes, bell and reflector (taillights) equipped vehicles is prohibited on the road, including bicycle. Chen Junhan admitted, "it to the rider requirements is relatively high, not everyone can ride." So, who to his store he will first Car Buying, teach each other how to brake, dead fly " " although there is no brake, but not without brake. We will teach it, but have not love " dead fly " "

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